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Standardgewicht eines Bing

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bin grade zu faul zum übersetzten daher von google translate http://zhidao.baidu.com/question/289996080.html

Round as Sanqiu bright moon, the blue incense in Jiuwan. "This is the Qianlong Emperor of the Holy Seven cake metaphor. Puer compressed tea is in special geographic environment and special time was born in the old two sixteen pound weights and measures, then in order to facilitate transport. The tea" the group of steamed, pressed molding. "A seven-piece seven double because a tube (bamboo shell package). Seven cakes so named, is now equivalent to 357 grams per piece weights and measures.
One theory is that Seven tea cakes hit the Tang Dynasty was originally derived from the border to trade. Referred to as the tea-horse city, when the transaction is tying seven good cake plus a cake of a total of eight 过数. Also goes by the separation of cake Zuosa blanket? It is used to pay taxes drop.
There is another way of saying: a cake tea 357 grams, a cylinder seven cakes; tea cakes 357 grams * 7 = 2499 g, about 2.5 kg. 12 a barrel to about 30 kg. A horse pack 2 to about 60 kg, just to load before the trip, their ancestors already considered good, old caravan that such transport of tea.

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