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Frage: Fruehlingspflueckung

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Heute suche ich euren Rat,

Vor einigen Tagen habe ich den Newsletter eines Teehaendlers erhalten, in dem unter anderem die Vorfruehjahrspflueckungen, also im Maerz geerntet, von Oolong Tees aus Mingjian angepriesen werden. Ein Augenmerk habe ich auf einen Sijichun (四季春) geworfen, da ich den bei der Winterpflueckung 2012 verpasst habe. 

Eigentlich habe ich mir fest vorgenommen, keine Oolongs mehr zu kaufen bis die Sommerpflueckung eintrifft, was ungefaehr Anfang-Mitte Juni der Fall sein duerfte. -_-

So, nun die Frage in die Runde, wohlwissend, dass mir vermutlich niemand konkret etwas zu diesem Tee sagen kann. Was ich brauche ist einfach, das Gespraech mit anderen Tee-Verrueckten. ;) Wer hat Lust das virtuelles Teufelchen auf meiner Schulter zu spielen? Oder das Engelchen? Lohnt sich diese fruehe Fruehlingspflueckung?

Ueber konkrete Erfahrungen mit der Vorfruehjahrspflueckung aus Mingjian und/oder dem Sijichun wuerde ich mich natuerlich auch freuen. :)

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ohne jetzt selbst die bescheidene google übersetzung auszubügeln, hier:

Four Seasons Spring tea reliable reason, do not know. Just listen to the cat empty tea farmers Speaking buds variation found in this region! "Four Seasons Spring" Hong terror. This kind of tea, tea farmers and tea party is a great boon, endemic good adaptability, high yield, fragrant, sweet water is not bitter harvest throughout the year! Generally high mountain tea usually are most afraid of rainy days, the aroma is not easy performance may have roasted a few times to find the aroma. And spring seasons performance in this area, there is no such problem exists, tea farmers and tea drinkers do a lot of gospel can be said as the entry of Taiwan tea tea, even if they do not drink tea, the spring seasons oolong tea completely there will not be a lot of rejection, its aroma is far better than any tea, the only fly in the ointment is the sweet no mountain tea, regardless of brown, aroma, tea is impeccable.
"The x $ _AT_ 3 z N0] n: I5 F &] # l just before the drink Mucha Four Seasons Spring, this kind of tea incense, but always gently floating, there is no sense of weight. In recent years, the four seasons spring tea-growing areas in the central and even become mainstream, exposed to really feel the ferocity of the spring seasons, not a weak scholar! The original difference before and after tea with the tea farmers habits: drink earlier Taipei goods ", roasting and baking too" Kung Fu "! Resulting in a large part of the "meat" baking out. Later drank a civil township area Four Seasons did not feel thin, even in alpine spring seasons oolong tea, tea, color, flavor, far better than Qingxin Oolong tea prices cheaper, more generally, tea people can accept. 8 F: j9 h: Z4 F7 n0 a) Q $ z (C9}
Aroma, to see the degree of fermentation, sometimes like gardenia, really smoked incense! Some orchid fragrance is better than flowers
7 k9 O "z +? 2 q 'K of this variety makes me feel different from other varieties of Oolong, really is unique!

Hört sich doch sehr lecker an!

quelle (langzeichen chin.)

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