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Befreit den Tee - free the tea


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Heute erreichte mich der Newsletter von Don von Mei Leaf, in welchem es darum geht, dass verschiedene Tees, darunter der neue Shou PuErh "Fig Dipper" in einem Monat vernichtet werden sollen, da der Absender ihrer Ware einen Deklarationsfehler gemacht hat und nun der englische Zoll den Tee nicht freigeben will.

Ob eine Petition hier überhaupt etwas ausrichten kann oder nicht, kann ich nicht beurteilen. Anscheinend kann man jedoch nur über einen fb- oder twitter-Account teilnehmen. 

Ich möchte hiermit gerne aufmerksam machen, was Formfehler auslösen können, da ja auch sonst viele direkt im Ausland bestellen.


Link zum Rundbrief:


Link zur Petition:




Hier der Rundbrief:

Hi {NAME},

This is Fig Dipper, a delicious 2012 Shou PuErh cake which we sourced last year and we were so excited to launch in January. BUT Fig Dipper and some other delicious tea has been held by UK Border Force and will be destroyed in a month :(

The reason is because our supplier made a small error in the import paperwork. He declared the tea as he should on the invoice and packing list for customs but he forgot to add it to the Bill of Lading document and instead wrote Teaware (because most of the shipment was teaware). A mistake on his part but since the tea was declared on the other paperwork there was clearly no intention to hide the tea from Customs. It was a simple clerical error.

We have been appealing to the UK Border Force by showing them that we have imported tea without any issues for decades and that this was a silly supplier error with no malice. But, they have refused our appeal and we have one more opportunity to re-appeal before Fig Dipper (with Celine's beautiful illustration) gets thrown in the dumpster.

Can you help to show the UK Border authorities that you want this tea?

Please sign the petition to Free Fig Dipper and share with your friends.

It is a long shot but, if we get enough signatures, we may be able to change their minds and #FreeTheTea.

Love and light from everyone at Mei Leaf HQ,


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