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Paper zu Pu-Erh: Yu Shuenn-Der: The Authentic Taste of Puer Tea and Transnational Interests (in Taiwan Journal of Anthropology)

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The Authentic Taste of Puer Tea and Transnational Interests

Posted on May 15, 2020 by MarshalN

The title of this post is the title of the paper that I’m linking to. Written by Yu Shuenn-Der, the deputy director of the Institute of Ethnology at Academia Sinica in Taiwan, the paper is basically a very good critical summary of the recent history of the puerh fad. If you’ve read this blog with any regularity in the past, it should be of great interest to you.

You can find the rest of the issue for the journal here, which includes two other papers on contemporary tea culture.

Quelle: http://www.marshaln.com/2020/05/the-authentic-taste-of-puer-tea-and-transnational-interests/

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Danke für den Link, MarshalN, hatte ich schon länger nicht mehr geklickt.

Das Paper lohnt sich. Es gibt sehr interessante und zumindest für mich neue Erkenntnis. Beispielweise war mir die Rolle taiwanischer Händler bei der Verbreitung von Puer nicht klar.

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