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Cloud Hidden (Australien)

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Ich wurde gearde auf diesen Shop aufmerksam gemacht, der doch einen... ganz eigenen Stil hat: Cloud Hidden Tea.

Sie haben auch eine Tee-/Meditationsstube in Sydney, die man besuchen und buchen kann.


Der Stil des Shops geht ziemlich in die Richtung Global Tea Hut. Tatsächlich schaffen sie mE das nicht unbemerkenswerte Stück, Global Tea Hut noch deutlich zu übertreffen, was die Blumigkeit und Kreativität der Beschreibungen angeht.


Hier mal zwei Beispiele.


Ein 1300ml-Wasserkessel aus Ton:



Space gives birth to purpose

Introducing an extraordinary addition to the Cloud Hidden collection.

The vessel embodies the essence of space, giving rise to purpose. The hollowed wall becomes a doorway, the empty bowl cradles the tea, and the vacant mind absorbs wisdom.

These Vessels transcend the confines of traditional kettles and teapots. They offer a blank canvas for you to define their purpose.



Oder ein Shu:


Earth | Shou Puerh | 熟茶

Virtues: Thick, Earthy & Smooth

Benefits: Aids digestion, filters toxins & supports cardiovascular health

Size: 200g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Embrace the essence of nature with Earth, a traditional Puerh tea cultivated from ancient trees in the birthplace of tea, Yunnan.

Through the process of fermentation, akin to the rich composting of nature, this Shou Puerh unveils a dark, velvety liquor, exuding an earthy richness that warms the body from within. Just as all life emerges from the earth and eventually returns to it, this tea connects us to our source and our ultimate destination.

It transcends time, bridging the past and the future, grounding us firmly in the present moment. As we extend our roots deep into the earth, the winds of the world cannot uproot us.

Earth tea embodies this grounding energy, empowering us to stay centred amidst life's challenges. With each sip, feel the nourishing embrace of soil, supporting your growth and reminding you of the interconnectedness of all things.

Allow Earth to awaken your senses, inviting you to be present and rooted in the beauty of the moment.


Das ist nicht schlecht, oder? Vollmundige Gesundheitsversprechen sind ja immer gern gesehen.


Ich hab mir mal den Spaß gemacht und eine GtH-Beschreibung aus dem Shop gezogen.



Consonance is a glorious shou cake. Master Lu Li Zhen is a living puerh legend, partially responsible for revitalizing the industry in the early 1990s. He makes wonderful old-growth sheng puerh cakes every year, but rarely ever makes shou. He produced this shou cake in 2005 together with Chang Tai Factory. He spent a week blending teas from Yiwu and the greater Menghai region, including old-growth raw material. The cake says “shou rhyme” on it, celebrating the harmony of the blend. This is a wonderful aged shou cake that is great as bowl tea or gongfu. You can drink it or age it. It is also the perfect base for a Five Element blend. Master Lu donated a large portion of these cakes, which allows us to also offer it to you for chea

Die wirkt dagegen relativ nüchtern, was man auch erstmal hinkriegen muss. Und sie geben immerhin auch konkrete Infos zum Tee.


Das sind wohl schon alles gute Sachen, die Keramik und die Tees.  Will mich auch nicht (zu sehr) über den Shop lustig machen, aber die Beschreibungen waren schon etwas zu gut, um nichts dazu zu sagen. Und naja, grade die teuren Tees hätten schon zumindest ein bisschen Information über das Blattgut an sich erhalten können. Aber ich versteh halt auch nichts von ätherischen Teeverständnissen...


Wenn jemand mal was bestellen sollte dort, oder gar in Syndey ist und in den Laden hineingeht, dann lasst uns wissen, wie es euch gefallen hat.


Na gut, einer noch.



Resonance | Orb | White Tea

Virtues: Delicate, Clarifying, Graceful

Benefits: Strengthens immunity, Cooling and Detoxifying

Size: 7g

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis

Indulge in the exquisite essence of Resonance, a White Tea that harmonises your being with the rhythms of the natural world.

This delicate and subtly nuanced tea creates a graceful symphony of flavours, inviting you to commune with the very essence of tea itself. Allow the resonance of the leaf in-still a profound sense of calm and tranquility.

With every sip, you embrace the essence of communion with nature, immersing yourself in its song, and discovering the profound connection that lies within its subtle melodies. Unveil the beauty of Resonance, where the delicate and clarifying virtues intertwine, inviting you to delve into the transformative experience of nature's symphony.

Crafted from carefully selected leaves, each 7g ball is hand-pressed, ensuring a beautifully even and gentle steeping experience, although slight variations in weight add a touch of uniqueness

Let its essence resonate within you, connecting you to a timeless wisdom.

Schon schön, oder?

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